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You are ready to generate an Advertising package for your business in under 10 minutes.

Your Advertising package will consist of an article about your business, an
audio file, a video, and a list of suggested tag words for search optimization.

You'll get a secure private link to your generated files by email.

In addition, your video will automatically be published on the Startup Report YouTube channel
for easy sharing and distribution.

It all will take only five short steps:


You will be asked if you want to use your own Photo or Business Card Image.
If you decide to use your own video, then you will be given an opportunity to upload it hear.
If you do not have one, then you can use a default image we provide.


You will be asked to answer 16 questions about your business. Please carefully
read explanations and examples for each question. Note that by FTC regulations, you
are not allowed to solicit money using this software.


You will be given opportunity to edit an article about your business, as well as
improve and expand a suggested keyword list to improve your SEO.


Your video will be generated and you will be able to preview your creation.
You will be given a chance to return and make corrections.


Your newly created video will be published on the Startup Report YouTube channel.
Links to your video, a business article, and a list of useful keywords will be
sent to your email address provided in Step 2.